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Formula Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics | Manufacturing ERP Systems | Vicinity Manufacturing

Vicinity solves the unique challenges of formula-based manufacturing—particularly the chemical, food and beverage industries—by allowing all users to share data in a centralized system.

  • Alter production formulas as needed, based on QC adjustments for a batch
  • Manufacture multiple finished goods from one batch ticket
  • Support multiple units of measure for finished goods and raw materials
  • Generate COAs on demand from any department
  • Render and track Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Streamline production by scheduling like finished goods together by formula
  • Trace lots from vendor to customer and
    back—cradle-to-grave and back-lot tracking

With Vicinity, all users are on the same page with the same data.

The result? Maximum ROI and efficiency.


  • You talk in terms of a formula or recipe, rather than a Bill of Material

  • You typically alter the formula during production to receive a desired result

  • The raw materials you work with are typically measured by weight and/or volume

  • You blend or compound bulk product, then package it into one or more package sizes

  • The quality and quantity of raw materials you process may be unpredictable

  • The loss factor of your raw materials may vary significantly

  • Traditional assembly/kit manufacturing software simply doesn't fit your business